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EFMD Master Programmes Conference

Updated: Feb 22

I think I can with some assurance claim a first for EFMD Global as on Thursday afternoon I will include public toilets, the Birmingham Royal Ballet and the living wage all in one breakout session! 

We will consider what Civic Engagement means for business schools, their missions to be more purposeful and how with intention and focus, Masters programmes can incorporate additional elements of local community engagement to the benefit of the students, their learning experience and the organisations and communities they work with. I am so grateful to be able to share case studies of the wonderful work being done at Birmingham Business School, Cardiff Business School, Imperial College Business School, Sheffield Business School and University of Exeter Business School. My sincere thanks to Jorandi Scholtz, Ann Norton, Andrew Miles, Sarah Lethbridge, Toma Pustelnikovaite and Gareth Howells for finding time to talk to me about this session.

If your business school is doing something exciting with postgraduate programmes and civic engagement and you are happy to be interviewed, do let me know, as I will be writing an article for Global Focus after the conference and would love some more examples to talk about.

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