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What we do

Understand your audience

Every day your teams communicate across a wide range of audiences.  Each group with different wants and needs and preferred methods of receiving information.  We can help you understand your individual audiences and ensure that you are using the most appropriate language and effective channels to reach them. We all know that no one likes to receive communications that aren’t relevant!  Recognising there is no such thing as purely internal communication anymore we can work with you to develop a cohesive communication strategy.

Know who you are and what you are good at

Do you know what your key stakeholders think of your school? Really? When was the last time you asked? We all know that having a clear, distinctive brand and strong reputation makes everyone’s job easier.  We have experience researching at all levels, and by capturing perceptions of your school and its strengths, and how you fit into to this highly competitive marketplace, we can help you develop your brand and raise awareness for what you do best.

The Shop Window

Every interaction you have with your audiences, be they faculty and professional staff, corporate connections, alumni or prospective and current students needs to be a positive one. 

Your website is just part of your overall communications, but it is often a crucial touchpoint.  We make sure this valuable space and indeed all your marketing collateral does what it should for your audience groups and works hard to create the right impression.

Why not contact us for an exploratory conversation.

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