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There is something about collaborative working that is pretty unique to higher education. Again and again, we see the collegiate generosity across business schools. Those same people regularly share their experiences with us, to draw on our advice and ideas in search of solutions that will deliver long-term success.


So we wanted to find a way to share too, to share our networks, the stories and some examples of what we and you do best.


Enter Sharing the Experience

A series of reports drawn from in-depth interviews, round tables, research and analysis that combine the experiences of our friends, colleagues and clients within the business school community. Specifically designed to share with you the lessons learned and talking points and to shed light on the challenges, tried and trusted and innovative solutions, and examples of good practice.

From the convenience of your desk, you will gain:

  • 'at the coal face' insights from reliable and relevant sources

  • thought provoking content on hot topics challenging us all and real life examples

  • useful ideas to contribute to your school’s continuous improvement objectives

If you would like a PDF copy of any of our Sharing the Experience Reports you can order them by clicking the button below and filling in our form.


Advisory Boards – Maximising
the Opportunity


To date there has been little in the way of guidance available on how to make the most of a business school advisory board; this report captures the experiences of running and participating on these boards, highlighting the different elements to be considered to get the most out of your board and by providing examples of ways that this often under-utilised resource can help build your school’s profile and strengthen alumni and corporate engagement.


The MBA and the Value of Practitioner Engagement 


This new report captures the different elements of the practitioner ecosystem that advise and support the MBA.  It shares the experience drawn from 34 conversations with those leading, managing and advising a variety of MBA programmes globally. Part One highlights the advisory structures including boards, the struggles and tested solutions and the diverse pool of advisors, with a particular spotlight on the role of programme alumni. Part Two details the many areas MBA advisors add value to the programme through providing insight and support, in particular to ensure curriculum is business relevant and to future-proof student employability. 

Our Reports

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