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Sharing the Experience Reports


Hardcastle & Associates can bring a new perspective to how you can get the most from your practitioner advisors and what the possibilities really are.


No two business schools nor MBA programmes are the same and we can help you identify what works for you, your MBAs and school.

See below to request a free report and a selection of the support available:



Free Report

The MBA and the Value of Practitioner Engagement


In this report we share and analyse the experience of those leading, managing and advising MBA programmes on the value of practitioner engagement.  The report is designed to help you to better manage the vast amount of practitioner advice and support by considering:

  • the right structure

  • a diverse pool of advisors

  • areas that you would like insight, advice and support



For established or new MBA teams and boards

A tailored presentation and facilitated discussion, that might include: 

  • What best practice would look like for your advisory board

  • How to ensure your board delivers strategic impact

  • The value enhancing impact of the practitioner ecosystem on the MBA

  • How MBAs need to evolve to be fit for the future



Creating a new MBA Advisory Board?

We can help you:

  • Define what you want to get from your board

  • Create a selection and recruitment framework and induction pack for new board members

  • Understand who is already engaging with your programme

  • Establish terms of reference to help everyone understand their role and remit

  • Widen the advisor pool to ensure you have a board that is diverse in every way



Reshaping or re-engaging with an existing board?

Ask us to:

  • Hold discovery conversations with your board members to identify areas for greater engagement, added value and strategic impact

  • Conduct a board member survey to capture expertise, interests and diversity

  • Use the surveys and discovery conversations to give your team a different insight into their board and help you identify where the gaps are

  • Help you improve board engagement and increase their value and strategic impact



Strengthening discussions and debate through more opinions and insight

Ask us to:

  • Conduct an audit: to facilitate better understanding as to which practitioners are engaging with your programme as part of the whole practitioner ecosystem

  • Identify any gaps in expertise, experience and demographics

  • Define specifications for new advisors to fill the gaps

  • Create a structure that helps you monitor and refresh diverse and strategically focused advisory input to the programme in future.

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