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How we work - case studies

The Project

One of our favourite things to help our clients undertake: an independent and realistic view of the market.

In this case, Hardcastle & Associates provided the qualitative research and brought in Carrington Crisp's substantial quantitative and marketplace experience and insights for the Master’s programmes at Birmingham Business School through the management and execution of three different projects. Having worked closely with the Business School faculty and staff, we sought out the views of relevant audience groups including employers, current students and prospective students.

How did we do this?

  • Doing our own homework; finding the right people… asking the right questions… and listening carefully…
  • We spoke directly with people in one to one conversations

  • We worked with CarringtonCrisp to draw all the insights together to give Birmingham Business School meaningful recommendations to inform their future development decisions.


"Sarah took the time to get to know our Business School and our specific needs and challenges, so it felt as though we were working with someone who was rooting for our success and invested in us meeting our specific aims.

Sarah’s communication throughout the project has been frequent, responsive and extremely personable!"

Emily Muscat

Executive Project Manager, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham

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