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What we do

Walk a mile in their shoes

Just where do students come from?

When there are so many business schools, so many programmes, it is crucial to understand which touchpoints make the difference.  We can walk in a candidate’s shoes to test their journey, from that spark of interest to induction day one.  Where do they get information from and how does it make them feel, from initial perceptions to walking through your doors for the first time. Through the benefit of an external perspective, we can recommend ways of improving the whole experience.

Attraction to Induction

First attraction to application is just the start.  You need to grow and nourish this new relationship to keep it alive and make it work all the way to induction … and beyond. Proactively supporting your best candidates to join your school is essential to achieving quality cohorts.   Let us have the conversations and map the systems, processes and responsibilities for recruitment and admissions across teams to ensure attraction and conversion strategies are aligned and appropriate for specific recruitment cycles. 


Our experienced recruitment and admissions business school professional can offer coaching to support the team to embed a consultative sales approach helping advisors build and develop professional relationships with candidates to optimise conversion rates.  By reviewing current practice and training needs, we can provide interactive sales training and on the job support and advice.

When they choose someone else

We can help you understand why prospective students walk away.  If you want to do things better next time, you need to know what went wrong.  We can help you ask the right questions and design and set up processes to improve future relationships. 


With experience in developing and implementing admissions, scholarships and recruitment strategies, in line with requirements for accreditation and rankings, we can help you find better ways to deliver the best diverse cohorts for your school.

Why not contact us for an exploratory conversation.

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