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How we work - case studies


The Project

What did we do?

Asking questions to get a clear picture of what is going on in the market place is a valued activity that we regularly carry out for our clients, to research a wide variety of different subjects. Hardcastle & Associates were pleased to work with Kingston Business School to identify, conduct and analyse a series of detailed corporate interviews to give them the market insight to inform their future executive development programmes.

We spent time seeking out the right people to talk to, using our experience to gain those all important insights and giving Kingston Business School the information necessary to make informed decisions.

So who did we talk to?

  • Talent managers and senior executives across a range of different sectors

With what aim?

  • To identify future executive development needs, better understand the purchasing process and internal provision within each organisation and to identify how these organisations would prefer to collaborate with the Business School going forward.


"Hardcastle & Associates supported us to build intelligence and insight to make informed strategic decisions with regards to the future of our MBA portfolio.

Always professional, personable and with a strong focus on client needs, Sarah provided expert input and conducted detailed research with a range of stakeholders."

Ian Roberts

Head of Kingston Business School Kingston University

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