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What we do

Where are they?

Do you know who and where your alumni are? The global nature of constituents sometimes makes it hard to keep track.We can help you put strategies in place to ensure you capture relevant data enabling you to engage with them effectively.


Recognising the value from both sides

It’s a two-way relationship, and key to making any relationship work is understanding each other’s wants and needs.


In this busy world alumni often need to understand the benefit of the networks and further development opportunities your business school can provide. We ask the difficult questions around what relationship alumni want with you and help you put in place ways to deliver this successfully.

Next consider what you want from them. It is often said ‘I want doesn’t get’ but is that really the case?  If you clearly identify what you really need from your alumni the ask is often achievable – we can help you set and reach realistic goals for alumni input to support your school strategy whether it is for placements, mentoring, guest speakers, ambassadors … the list goes on!


Successful alumni relationships, a bit like Rome, are not built in a day.  Our strength lies in our ability to provide an objective eye and ear, looking and listening to assess your current relationship and then working with you to make it the best it can be. 

We have a wealth of experience in conducting productive focus groups, in depth one-to-one interviews and surveying large groups to gather the data needed to develop plans that address the big issues, but never losing sight of the fact that relationships are all about individuals.  

We can provide as little or as much support as you like from organising alumni events or celebratory dinners to setting a strategy for ongoing engagement. We are used to working with teams based in business schools and in the wider university.

Why not have a look at the case study below, or contact us for an exploratory conversation.

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