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A tick on your 'to do' list

Updated: May 5, 2021

Does your To-Do list include: 'really, really, really must sort out continuous improvement actions for accreditation reports’?

Does your head ache when you think about it? How about ticking these jobs as 'done' before waltzing out of the door (or tangoing if that’s more your thing)?

An H&A specialist team recently enabled our client to put a big fat tick against their to-do list by supporting them in their wish to increase the size & activity of their alumni network:

  • INSIGHT: I sourced alumni (engaged and otherwise!) to understand their wants and needs AND how they wish to give back.

  • STRATEGY: Tania Easton developed an appropriate alumni strategy including a communication and engagement plan that was realistic, achievable and measurable, to monitor progress and show alignment to accreditation standards.

  • ENABLING IMPLEMENTATION: Strategy and plans prepared, Lesley Hyndman-Brown (with her award-winning platform management skills) advised the School how to implement relevant, easy-to-access alumni communications.

From “to do” to “job done!” our client said “It has been great to work with Hardcastle & Associates who bring a wide range of experience and skills to a project and know business schools inside out!” Why not get in touch for support with the ticks on YOUR to-do list?

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