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Choosing the right road

Leading on from our Red Queen post about the need to run at least twice as fast to get to somewhere new, today we turn to that font of knowledge the Cheshire Cat and the thought that you can only choose the right route if you know where you want to get to! We often find that business schools are clear about what their specific ambitions are. However, when we last looked, there wasn’t actually a SatNav for schools to ensure that they don’t get lost along the way.

Adding external perspective can help schools explore options to choose the most advantageous route and to make sure that they don’t get stuck in any roadworks. Having the right insight to decide whether to accept a change in route can be critical to arriving on time and without unnecessary detours.

External perspective can be gained from many sources including #advisoryboards. Combining this with the objectivity of external consultants can bring the best insight and the most creative solutions to achieve different strategic goals.

With so many factors in play, we have found significant benefits working alongside internal teams defining strategies, strengthening alumni and corporate relations and reviewing marketing and communications, with everyone learning and developing along the route.

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