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Workshop Excellence

This workshop was part of a six month programme Dr Sybille Schiffmann and I created for the senior leadership team at Leicester Castle Business School and De Montfort Law School:

  • Space to get to know each other

  • Space to think strategically

  • Space to be creative

  • Space to plan

And importantly, space to have some much needed fun along the way!

Our thanks to Heather McLaughlin, Leanne de Main, Alan East and team for embracing the programme and being such fabulous people to work with – helping your team develop over the last few months has been a privilege. 

"I’ve done many workshops and training days in my career but this programme is by far the most engaging and fun! I’ve really enjoyed working with Dr Sybille Schiffmann, Sarah Hardcastle and the Faculty Leadership Team!"

Alan East, Head of Leicester De Montfort Law School

"A thought provoking and challenging programme. The team has learned a lot about strategic development and themselves! Thank you Sarah Hardcastle and Dr Sybille Schiffmann."

Heather McLaughlin, Pro Vice-Chancellor Academic Staff Development & Dean Faculty of Business and Law

Getting a team to work well is a real art: contact me to find out more about how we can help your team be more effective and create the time, space and focus to explore their collective ambitions, to think strategically and to find creative solutions.

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