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My thanks to Prof Tim Vorley OBE for an invitation to speak at the British Academy of Management’s new Development Programme for Directors of Engagement (DPDoE) 2022-2023.

This afternoon, we will be discussing how to increase engagement and the impact of that engagement from advisors at a school and programme level.

We continue to work hard to spread the insight nationally and internationally that came from discussions with our 61 interviewees across our two Sharing the Experience Reports: - Business School Advisory Boards – Maximising the Opportunity - The MBA and the Value of Practitioner Engagement.

Our new framework and advisory board resources can help you ensure there is consistent approach throughout your faculty, college, school or university, providing external advice and even resource to help stretched senior leadership and programme teams set, communicate and achieve their strategic objectives.

Today we will look at structures, sources, engagement and impact: from managing too much engagement not necessarily from the right people, through to helpful hints to re-engage advisors. We will discuss different areas practitioners can have impact at school and programme levels: from managing internal politics to identification of alternative income streams, from improving research impact to increasing programme relevance and of course, other elements that lead to better student employability.

Request free copies of our reports from our website. Contact me to discuss how we can support your business school or university and to arrange an online presentation and facilitated discussion of the findings with your advisory board, your senior leadership team or your programme team.

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