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MBAs and industry advisory

"NOT REALLY SURE WHY IT EXISTS” "DUE TO BE REVIEWED" "IN TRANSITION” "SETTING ONE UP” "ROOM TO IMPROVE” "NEEDS TO BE MORE INTERNATIONAL” Yes, we are working on our next Sharing the Experience report and these are all phrases we have heard in our recent conversations with MBA directors, deans and advisory board members while examining different ways to bring external business relevance advice into MBA programmes. 14 interviews in: discussions include focus on the best advisory structures and their composition, the roles and the areas of impact to bring maximum benefit to the MBA. And so we are curious to find others to talk to: - Are you succeeding in effectively bringing in external advice to your MBA? - Do you feel that this external advice is best focused on strategic input to your programme or on specific elements of employability to achieve better student outcomes? - Is there conflict between academic content, current business relevance and future skills required and do your external advisors help you resolve this? The interviewees who have previously shared their experience, told us that they found the conversations helpful and thought provoking. If you would be prepared to share your experience, please do get in touch.

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