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Running twice as fast...

The Red Queen in Through the Looking Glass was very wise at times, understanding how fast you have to run simply to stay in the same place, let alone the additional effort required to move forward. (Though, clearly, we don’t recommend her approach to managing HR issues by chopping off heads!)

Unlike HRH (who we can probably agree was not the best listener), we all recognise that in #businessschool discussions about vision, mission and values, when identifying strengths and when reviewing strategic goals for different departments, taking time to listen to and really focus on the changing needs of your key stakeholders is crucial to making the best decisions. Right now, when everyone is running so very fast, we understand that finding resource to engage in this way is difficult.

At Hardcastle & Associates, drawing on our expertise across the sector, we know our candid conversations with key stakeholders (corporate partners, employers, candidates, students and alumni on behalf of our business school clients leave positive impressions. Our interviewees often say they too have gained much from taking time to think about and discuss the topic in question.

Do get in touch to find out how we can help you bring your data to life and create an engagement win/win for all...

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