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What could we do differently

I wonder, what would happen if we only had one formal advisory board meeting a year or actually, if we don’t have any?  After all, advisory board members tell us they prefer a deeper dive into fewer topics with focused relevant information provided to them beforehand. We also know that a great deal of the value that advisory board members deliver is outside of the meetings.

So how about instead, you run tightly focused workshops, discussions, even development sessions?  Would it lead to different mindsets, different expectations, different outcomes, even different advice - and dare I say it, less talking and better preparation from the school? 

Who are the really good facilitators in your university and how often are they present at your advisory board discussions?

  • What better way to showcase what you do well to these ambassadors and advocates for your school? 

  • What better way to strengthen the connection between your school and your advisory board? 

  • What better way for faculty and professional staff to hear and benefit from your advisors’ expertise, experience and advice directly. 

What could you do differently to bring your advisory board members closer to your leadership team and to your school?

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