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What we do

Understanding the market place 

We draw from our network to provide clients with a realistic and independent view of the business school market, whether it’s reviewing a current programme or launching a new one. Working in collaboration with the team at the school, we take time to connect with the right people to:  


  • find out who your competitors are and what they are offering

  • gain insight into who and where your prospective audience is and how they choose a programme/school

  • test elements of the programme to find out what would attract prospective students in terms of outcomes, fees and learning models

  • have in-depth conversations with employers to get to know their future skills needs and their purchasing processes.

Taking it to your audience

This analysis of the market helps us to develop effective programme positioning and layers of messaging. Working alongside your in-house teams and external agencies, we can provide the insight, experience and expertise to ensure your marketing collateral works hard for you.


We are fortunate to have worked with many business schools over the years building long term relationships. Our ‘critical friendship’ is just a call away whenever you need us.

Why not have a look at the case studies below, or contact us for an exploratory conversation.

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