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2021 Annual Review

What will your business school advisory board's end of 2021 Review say?

We know you will want it to highlight that your board has been 'Creative, Connected and Impactful', so how can you make sure that you achieve this?

Now is a great time to plan and prepare for your first 2021 meeting and you should challenge yourself to re-think, revise and re-write that same old, same old advisory board agenda.

With approaching 500 online reads of our free report "Business School Advisory Boards – Maximising the Opportunity" a number of deans and chairs have done exactly that, simply replacing their conventional agenda with items from the contents page of our report to open up conversations and start the process.

Our report will get you thinking about how to increase your board's diversity, visibility and engagement to drive greater value for your business school.

You can now download a copy of the report on our advisory board page. And if you would like your board to achieve a Distinction in their 2021 review, we have lots more insight, experience and ideas to inspire you. Just get in touch for an exploratory conversation.

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