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34 thought-provoking and candid interviews later…

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

5 INTERVIEWS IN: our discussions with those leading and running #MBA programmes across the globe were about whether advice was best sought at a strategic programme level or on more specific elements of employability and even directly, driven both by ranking criteria and student focus on outcome, on helping students find the optimal jobs and future careers.

15 INTERVIEWS IN: our discussions were focusing on finding the best way to ensure MBA programmes benefit from the diverse range of business insight, connections and support available to them. Some interviewees found their MBA-specific advisory board invaluable, others freely admitted they were struggling to derive value and impact, even questioning the need for one at all, considering them time consuming, limiting and bureaucratic. What was becoming clear, was that whatever advisory board structure the MBA is drawing from, it is just part of the picture of practitioner advice and engagement that surrounds and supports these often flagship business school programmes.

34 IN DEPTH INTERVIEWS LATER: we have little doubt about the huge impact that advice and support from practitioners working in different business environments has on the relevance of MBA programmes and their ability to provide an extraordinary student experience. Furthermore, in contrast to our suggestions that business school strategic advisory boards should not usually consist wholly or mainly of alumni, it is on the MBA Advisory Board or as advisors and supporters of the MBA in many ways, that alumni really shine.

Launching later this month Part One of our new Sharing the Experience Report: The MBA and the Value of Practitioner Engagement.

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