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Advisory Boards - a diverse mix of mindsets?

In preparation for our Women in Business Education (WiBE) workshop this afternoon with Tania Easton and Lisa Leander, I reviewed the female representation on business school advisory boards of the 100 schools in the FT Global MBA 2021 Ranking:

- 12 schools achieve 50% or greater

- 24 schools have 40% or greater

- 43 schools have 30% or greater

and 40 of the ranked schools have less than 25% female representation.

Of the top 20 ranked schools: half the schools have less than 30% and just 7 schools have 40% or more female representation (Esade, INSEAD, London Business School, Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Cambridge Judge Business School, HEC Paris).

There are many ways that an advisory board can achieve the optimal mix of diverse mindsets that it needs to generate varied and creative ideas and solutions for the business school it advises. With the great work business schools are doing highlighting the contribution women make to corporate boards, we will be discussing ideas later today of how schools can better seize the opportunity to create representative, diverse and balanced advisory boards and lead the way...

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