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An instant, multi-discipline team

When there is so much pressure on the bottom line, making an impact is ever more vital. When you have lost knowledge and expertise but still need to deliver. When there aren't enough hours in the day and you have already re-prioritised, twice! We really are here to help.

As our clients will tell you we work collaboratively, sharing market insight and experience with their teams, leading to better informed decisions now and importantly, in the future too. 

We know that our clients know that we get it! We bridge the gap between the School and what overstretched central resources are able to provide: coaching staff, opening up communication and adding specialist resource with business school knowhow.

We still hear, even from people we know well ‘I didn’t know you offer that’, and from others, ‘I thought you just focus on effective advisory boards’. Honestly, to think I call myself a marketing professional!  Long-term relationships with our clients often lead to us taking on smaller projects to help out, as well as supporting them with their big strategic challenges. We promise too, that unlike my recent hair appointment, our fees won’t make your eyes water!

Not only but also…

·     Yes we offer programme review and redesign but we are also currently creating a bespoke MBA admissions bible with coaching for marketing and admissions staff sharing our market knowledge, refining touchpoints and encouraging cross-selling. We have just facilitated a meeting between the business school and central admissions to review processes and define steps to create a stickier candidate journey. 

"I heard it was a very productive and interesting session and progress is being made."

·     Yes we help to articulate brands and build reputations but we also offer business school friendly graphic design. We add value through our business school knowledge, work within existing guidelines but you also get to meet the fantastic Martyn who is, we are told and know from our own experience "a dream to work with"! 

 “I LOVE the booklet! It’s exactly what I wanted and looks even better that what I had in my mind – thank you!”

When solutions and resource are elusive, the breadth and experience of our team and wider network will ensure you deliver and achieve real impact. 

We are but an email away.

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