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I need you to take a moment to think: 

Do you have a really great example of the impact that your business school advisory board has had, the value that it adds? 

At H&A we don't shy away from asking the difficult questions - it's what we do!

To support our Session with Birmingham Business School at EFMD's Annual Conference in Bologna in June: 

Navigating the Future: Increasing the Impact of Advisory Boards to Foster a Human-Centered Approach we will be launching a set of Advisory Board Impact Case Examples to be shared free of charge. 

So if you have a great example of an external facing initiative you have developed with your advisory board or perhaps how they have helped you with an internal challenge, we need to hear from you! Please get in touch with my Associate Sue Thorn or comment under this post.

PS: If you can't think of an example you would like to share, get in touch too, to explore how we work with advisory boards and their business schools bringing them closer together, increasing impact and monitoring the value that they add. Sometimes it's just a matter of being prepared, very gently, to ask the difficult questions... 

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