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Business School Dean Challenges the Red Queen!

In his closing remarks to this week’s EFMD Annual Conference the Chair, Dean of GIBS Business School, was brave enough to challenge the Red Queen: you need to run fast to stay in the same place, but if you want to get somewhere else, you need to run not just twice as fast BUT many, many times faster. He then challenged the audience, NOT to just be curious, but to be Curiouser and Curiouser, commenting that it also helps to be just a little bit bonkers.

Wise words and something we live by at Hardcastle & Associates as we help our clients be curious about where they might next find success, define exactly where they want to get to and then support them to run fast to achieve it - while having just a little bit of fun along the way!

Thank you Dean Morris Mthombeni (he/him/his) for bringing so much energy to the conference, for your kind words and for enjoying our brand as much as we do - any time you need slides, you just have to ask!

My sincere thanks too to the extremely creative Martyn Allen for spending the last four and a half years interpreting our madness through design and more, advising us how to ensure that our brand continues to tell our story authentically.

If you want someone to look at your challenges creatively and work collaboratively with your team to find the best solutions for your Business School, don’t just imagine what it is like working with us, book an exploratory call and find out!

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