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Do you know a superhero?

The theme of TRUST at EFMD’s Annual Conference led me to consider the curious phrase: ‘trusting someone as far as you can throw them’.

Now, if you happen to know a superhero with super-human throwing powers, perhaps you can ignore how trust affects your business school but first, let’s do a quick network check: YES Superman is a member of our faculty. (Really?) YES Elastigirl (aka Mrs Incredible), is an alumna. NO but I know a good fancy dress shop, does that count?

If, as I suspect, the answer is NO, then consider how central trust really is. Students tell me they might shortlist a school due to peer, colleague or family recommendation and their final choice is often influenced by the quality of personal interactions during their search. Businesses choose schools that truly understand their specific needs and deliver effective solutions. Trust influences many decisions.


  • Why should students trust you with their learning and development?

  • What encourages your alumni to recommend your programmes?

  • How do businesses choose a school to work with?

Taking time to really understand the answers to questions such as these, will help you realise the value of trust to your school and is definitely a better strategy than relying on Superman!

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