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From physical to virtual

On behalf of a client, we carried out some Year 12 focus groups, talking among other things about global challenges. The discussions were reasoned and their views of business cynical: whether businesses actually do the right thing in the first place and if so, the true motivations of the business leaders for these actions.

Interestingly, they did not dismiss ever working for those businesses that aren’t currently ‘doing the right thing', but rather considered joining them, to change them for the better.

It is easy to criticise teenagers for being on-screen, especially at the moment. It is fascinating to glimpse the varied types of information they consume to shape their thoughts, rather than assume as I often have, they are just watching rubbish!

I continue to be in awe of this generation: their education, how they support each other and how they challenge what they are told, understanding the facts and evidence. In an extremely uncertain world, a much needed ray of real hope for the future…

Whether online, or in person, the results from conversations such as these can be business-changing. We do so love unleashing this type of insight and seeing the impact it can have on messaging and engagement.

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