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GBC Roundtable – Minneapolis

Well, that's a wrap! What an incredible experience and deeply informative few days. Great content, lots of shared successes and honesty around pain points and even one or two epic fails too. A great conference full of very friendly people who really welcomed this Brit who was out there on her own for the week.

Interesting to see a really quite different perspective on all things MBA: from #programmereview with faculty on board to hard commercial decision-making, from stackable elements to the challenges of providing greater and yet greater flexibility.

And then there is MBA alumni engagement and of course MBA advisory boards but with pay-to-play often a go to solution. Not to mention the #businessschool with fifteen (yes 15) advisory boards! There was also more #sharingtheexperience at the round table #advisoryboard breakfast discussion on Friday morning and even in the taxi to the airport!

Privileged to hear Monica Powell turn the tough gig of presenting The State of the Industry Research Report survey findings into a presentation that I honestly just didn't want to end!

Thanks so much to my esteemed panelists:

- Prof. Dr. Mirjeta Beqiri, Professor of Operations and Data Analytics and former MBA Director at Gonzaga University - School of Business Administration -

- Dr. Sarah Jaks, Director Full-Time MBA Program Mays Business School - Texas A&M University

- Dr. Sharon Lydon, Associate Dean of Alumni and Corporate Engagement Rutgers Business School

for sharing your experience creating, running and reshaping #MBA advisory boards and alumni councils, for your company and for making our session so much better than I could have ever hoped to deliver on my own.

Jeff Bieganek from GBC Roundtable thank you, for inviting me to speak and to join your symposium and the PMBA/OMBA Conference and to the University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management for providing such a great space for us all.

Boston next year: if you want a different perspective on all things MBA, I will see you there! Now back from Minneapolis, a lot of reports to send out and already on a train up to the North-West for a couple of days of meetings.

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