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Good practice in practice

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Shining a spotlight on something that works really well is an easy job to do: my new EFMD Global Focus article highlights the International Advisory Board at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham and how they continuously strive to add value and find new areas of impact.

I am looking forward to seeing them in action next week at their Annual Advisory Board Guest Lecture on Business Transformation during the Pandemic, given by Billie Major from Capgemini (@billie_major).

Over the next two weeks at Hardcastle & Associates, we are discussing advisory board good practice and ways to increase engagement and impact in two private board workshops and at EFMD’s Deans’ Online Workshop with Professor Patricia Flynn and Professor Mike Page - what a fantastic way to celebrate our three-year anniversary!

Sincere thanks to our regular clients, those clients just starting out on a new adventure with us and my great team of associates who make each new project so good to do and working together so much fun.

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