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How diverse is your advisory board?

How truly diverse is your business school advisory board?

When Green Park Chair Trevor Phillips calls on UK companies to diversify their boardrooms: “[They] need to look at what they've got, which is essentially a vanilla boys' club, and reach out further", it sheds a light on the difficulties business schools face finding a diverse mix of senior people for their advisory boards.

We have found that business schools are increasing the creativity delivered by their boards through a more diverse mix of board members. Schools identify gaps through a matrix mapping the skills, experience and demographic diversity currently on their board with the expertise required to deliver their strategic goals. They are successfully finding new board members from outside their existing networks through selective carefully worded advertising and are considering using head hunters to find a diverse mix of people aligned to their values. But many deans and chairs feel that there is more to do.

Creating the perfect mix is close to our hearts at Hardcastle & Associates, but what IS the right mix? Benefit from the experience of those running.

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