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Is your business school advisory board bored?

- Repeatedly, board members tell us they want to be asked to do more and have a deeper dive into discussions

- Repeatedly board members tell us they need more notice: of meetings, events, opportunities to engage

- Repeatedly, board members tell us they want to hear about the challenges in time to be able to help find the best solutions

So for all those running business school advisory boards, we are creating:


ASK your Chair, could the above be feedback from your own advisory board.

COMPARE how much the school speaks and how much time your board has for discussion at your next meeting.

FIND OUT how much value your school leadership team feel your advisory board adds.

Our advisory board framework is designed to help you create, reshape, re-engage, refresh your business school advisory board, from selection and induction though to setting expectations and recording and feeding back impact, increasing the strategic value your advisory board will deliver for your school. We’ve been told that our discussions with board members and school executive teams help them to get to know each other better, bringing them closer together and developing a two-way relationship.

Ask early. Discuss. Listen. Be Open Minded. Define. Engage. Want to know more? Contact us or pick up our Sharing the Experience report summaries from our stand at the Chartered Association of Business Schools Annual Conference next week.

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