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Is your business school still playing board games?

· BATTLESHIPS: the hunt for an imminent meeting date in 15 senior executives’ diaries

· RISK: the late circulation of board papers 

· MONOPOLY: monopolising the conversations so your extremely wise advisors do not get to pass Go

· GUESS WHO: not knowing enough about each board member to engage them in activities linked to their expertise and interests

·  TRIVIAL PURSUIT: the story of many advisory board meetings

If you are still playing advisory board games, please don’t say Sorry to your board members but get in touch to find out how you can bring them closer to your school, increase their engagement and enable them to have greater impact.

We’ve already done much of the thinking for you. We promise that our experience, framework and adaptable resources will add value, enabling your advisory board members to help your school climb ladders and miss those snakes altogether. 

Simply email me to book a complimentary exploratory call with us now. (And look out for part two: capturing the games advisory board members tell us they play!) 

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