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Our growing team can be part of your team

Sometimes, in your career, you are privileged to work with very talented and capable people that you really gel with and who have complementary skills to your own.

In something of a full circle, strengthening marketing, communications and projects and adding Health, Education and NHS experience too, please welcome Carrie and Sarah to our H&A Associate team:

Carrie Bennett: Marketing, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications From formidable (!) client status some years ago, Carrie will now be sharing her engagement expertise with our clients. After working in the NHS and Local Government, she spent 8 years at the College of Social Sciences, University of Birmingham as Head of Marketing & Communications and joins us from a similar role at an Independent School.

Sarah Williams: Projects Stretching way back Sarah and I worked together in Financial Services in the City, where she managed our Projects Team and ran large scale product launches before she escaped to retrain as a dietitian. Working for 20 years in the NHS, latterly as Head of Dietetics for East Suffolk, Sarah has already been bringing her health sector experience and a gimlet eye for detail to help us deliver the demands of multiple projects.

I feel confident that you will all enjoy getting to know them and working together.

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