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How attractive is your shop window?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

2 ½ years in and we’ve progressed a lot. So, we had a bit of an H&A team chat (as we do!). It began with a seemingly innocent little thought: “We need to refresh our website, it’s our shop window”. Simple, you might think – but of course it led to a much more complex discussion: all about how business schools can make the most of what we offer. Organisations are constantly changing and we all need to keep up with (and overtake) the Joneses. So our question to you is: “When did you last check your own shop window?” In this very fast changing and uncertain environment, does your business school website reassure prospective students that all is good and does it really answer that fundamental question, why choose us? Ask yourself: are recent changes transparent, can your different audience groups find what they need to find, see what they need to see and learn what they need to learn about how they can benefit from engaging with you? And as important, is it clear how best to contact you? Why not take a peek at our new website? Time perhaps for a bit of window shopping (or as the French would say; bon lèche-vitrine) - but no licking the glass please! (PS to our fab brand consultant Martyn’s children: “Yes, Daddy really did teach Peachy to lick peanut butter off your patio doors!”)

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