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Relationship counselling

Relationships are funny things and can be very tricky at times: 

the best ones include great communication, with a deep understanding of each other, shared expectations and both sides feeling valued. 

This is true for your relationship with your advisory board too and while I am not actually suggesting on this Valentine's Day that you send your board members a love letter (!), I wonder, do you have a good two-way relationship with them?

Ask yourself:

·      Do you enable them to really contribute and what do they get in return?

·      Do both sides actively listen to each other? Are you sure?

·      Have you told them how much you value them and why?

Then possibly the most important question of all: if you were really going to write a love letter to your advisory board members, would you send it to every single one of them?  Now be honest!

I hope that many of you will answer yes. However, for those that hesitate, we are but an email away. Like all relationships, sometimes some reflection is helpful.  So yes, we offer a structured framework and tailored documentation but we do so much more than that: we share our experience working with different schools and boards as we consult with the school team and their advisors. We bring everyone closer together enabling much more value to be delivered out of the relationship in the future.

Hardcastle & Associates: relationship counselling for advisory boards and their business schools!

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