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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Today our associates Sue Thorn and Angela Chapman are sharing their experience at PMAC 2021. Sue is exploring the employability challenges facing students entering the graduate jobs market, how Covid-19 has impacted opportunities for internships and placements and how business schools are boosting student employability. She will be speaking about unexpected benefits including increased participation from alumni and empDateloyers in digital activities, improved engagement from international and mature students and how some of the more introverted students prefer 1:1 digital sessions over F2F. Angela will be exploring the latest trends in business school student recruitment: what can be done between now and September to prepare for new cohorts. She will be talking about understanding how different communications touch points affect how the candidate feels about the programme, to help ensure that good candidates do not get lost. Angela will focus on preparing for the next recruitment cycle through mapping the candidate's journey to maximise these valued contacts and embedding Consultative Selling techniques into the Admissions process. Want to find out how your school can benefit from sharing our experience? Why not book an exploratory conversation with us...

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