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When did you last look in the mirror?

With the 2017/8 HESA data showing total enrolment for all UK Business & Administrative courses increasing by 3%, there has never been a better time to make sure you can clearly answer the questions ‘Why study here?’ and ‘Why engage with our School?’

Ask yourself:

• Do you know how different stakeholders perceive your Business School?

• Do your target audiences understand your School’s strengths well enough to make an informed decision?

If you answered “yes” to both these questions, now ask yourself:

• Is it still true?

• When did we last check?

Competition between business schools is fierce and you need to find ways to continue to stand out and understanding how you are currently perceived is a great starting point. The same goes for all businesses, including my own, and I’ve been working with my brand specialist to define Hardcastle & Associates, so you can clearly see how you can benefit from what we offer.

After frank discussions with some associates, honest conversations with friends and reality checks by looking candidly in the mirror (!), I am on tenterhooks awaiting the first articulation.

With visits and events approaching fast, I am excited to share the results...

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