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We will be running a Discovery Session tomorrow morning with a business school that is growing and evolving.

Will we discuss strategies and ambitions? Always important.

Will we explore strengths and weaknesses? Yes, of course.

Will we understand their priorities and the risks? That too.

But what we really want to do, is to get right under the skin of the business school: the people working in it, the students who choose it, the organisations that engage with it.

Yes, each business school is different - we have been in many and each one has a different feel, a different culture, different needs. But can all business schools be completely differentiated from each other? Probably not.

As most embrace more purposeful visions and missions, what these schools can do, is ensure they are not trying to be someone else.

Instead, we can help them identify and build on their strengths. We will support them as they transform into something deeply authentic. We will work with them to create their story, to help them communicate what they offer and who they really are.

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